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Component Locator

A1 - Instrument cluster
A2 - Radio
A2/6 - CD changer
A2/6x - CD connector
A2/26 - Antenna amplifier, L/R
A34 - CTEL handset

A35 - CTEL transmitter/receiver

A35/3 - In-dash controller
A53 - Left side airbag sensor

A54 - Right side airbag sensor

A7/3 - Hydraulic unit, ASR/ETS/ESP

A7/5 - Hydraulic unit, retractable hardtop

A7/5k1 - Relay

A7/5x1 - Connector, top hydraulic unit

A9 - A/C Compressor

A32 - A/C blower unit

A34x1 - CTEL handset connector

A35/3x - In-dash controller

A37 - PSE control module

A45x1 - Horn/airbag clock spr. cont. conn.

A45x2 - Horn relay mod. clock spr. cont. conn.

B2/5 - Hot film MAF sensor

B4 - Fuel level sensor

B4/4 - Feul tank emissions pressure sensor
B10/1 - Heater core temp. sensor
B11/4 - ECT sensor

B12 - Refrigerant pressure sensor

B14 - Outside Temp.Sensor

B25x1 - Hands-free microphone conn.

B28 - Pressure sensor

B37 - Pedal value sensor

E1 - Left Headlamp unit

E1e4 - Fog Lamp

E2 - Right Headlamp unit

E2e4 - Fog Lamp

E3 - Left tail lamp unit

E4 - Right tail lamp unit

E6/1 - Left Turn Sig./Side Marker Light

E6/2 - Right Turn Sig./Side Marker Light

E13/2 - Glove compartment lamp with Sw.

E13/9 - Multipurpose compartment illuminator

E15/1 - Front dome lamp

E16 - Indicator lamp, child seat recognition

E18 - Trunk lamp

E19/1 - License plate lamp. left

E19/2 - License plate lamp, right

E21 - Center high mounted stop lamp

F1 - Fuse and relay box

F4 - Fuse box, trunk
G1 - Battery
G2 - Alternator

G3/1 - Oxegen Sensor 2 (after Two Way Cat.)

G3/1x1 - Oxegen Sensor 2 connector (after TWC)

G3/2 - Oxegen Sensor 1 (before TWC)

H3 - Alarm horn
H4/1h1 - Left tweeter speaker
H4/1h2 - Left bass speaker
H4/2h1 - Speaker 1
H4/2x2 - Connector, right door speaker
H4/7 - Speaker, L/R

H4/8 - Speaker, R/R
H4/12 - HFS speaker
H4/12x1 - HFS speaker conn.
K40 - Relay module
K54 - Locking confirm. relay mod.
K56 - Crash separation relay module
L6/1 - Vehicle Speed Sensor, L/F axle

L6/2 - Vehicle Speed Sensor, R/F axle

L6/3 - Vehicle Speed Sensor, L/R axle

L6/4 - Vehicle Speed Sensor, R/R axle

L11 - Transponder coil

M3 - Fuel Pump
M4/3 - cooling fan, engine/climate control
M5/1 - W/washer pump
M5/2 - Headlamp washer pump

M6/1 - Wiper motor
M10/4 - Window motor, right side
M10/5x1 - Connector, window motor, L/R
M10/6x1 - Connector, window motor R/R
M13/2 - Auxiliary coolant pump
M16/6 - Throttle valve actuator
M16/6x1 - ISC actuator connection
M21/1 - Electric outside mirror
M21/2 - Outside mirror, electrically adj/ heated
M21/2x1 - Connector, outside mirror
N3/10 - ME-SFI control module
N7/1 - Illumination control module
N10/3 - Control Module
N15/3 - Transmission control module

N19 - ACC pushbutton control module
N22 - ACC pushbutton conroll module
N25/5s1 - HS switch, L/F
N25/5s2 - HS switch, R/F
N40/3 - Audio power amp.
N47-1 - ASR control module
N65 - Pulse module
N76 - Cooling fan control module, engine/clim. control
N79 - Garage door opener control module
R3 - Cigar lighter
R4 - Spark plug
R12/1 - ETR squib, left
R12/2 - ETR squib. right
R12/3 - Driver airbag squib
R12/9 - Left side airbag squib
R12/10 - Airbag squib, right side
R13/1 - Seat cushion heater element, L/F
R13/2 -Backrest heater element, L/F
R13/3 - Seat cushion heater element, R/F
R13/4 -Backrest heater element, R/F
S2/1 - Ignition/starter switch
S4 - Combination switch
S4x1 - Combination sw. connector
S4/1 - HCS sw.
S6/1s1 - Hazzard flasher sw.
S6/1s2 - Interior sw.
S9/1 - Stop lamp switch

S11 - Brake fluid level switch
S10/1 - Brake Pad Wear Sensor, L/F
S10/2 - Brake Pad Wear Sensor, R/F
S12 - Parking brake switch
S16/2 - Backup lamp sw.
S16/6 - Kickdown switch
S16/10x - Trans range recognition sw. conn.
S17/3 - Door switch, left
S17/4 - Door switch, right
S21/1 - Window switch, L/F
S21/2 - Window switch, R/F
S26/1 - Thermoswitch, Wind. Washer
S26/1x - Thermoswitch connector
S40 - Cruise control sw.
S40x1 - Cruise control sw. conn.
S41 - ECL switch
S42 - W/washer fluid level switch
S43 - Oil Level Switch
S50 - Mirror control switch
S62 - Engine hood switch
S62/7 - Glove box Switch
S68/3 - Seat belt buckle sw.,L/F
S68/4 - Seat belt buckle sw., R/F (AB/ETR)
S69/1 - Hardtop closed limit sw., right

S69/2 - Hardtop locked limit switch, right

S69/3 - Hardtop locked limit sw.,left

S69/8 - Trunk lid closed/locked limit sw., right

S69/7 - Trunk lid closed/locked limit sw., left

S69/9 - Trunk lid open limit sw.

S69/10 - Retractable luggage cover engaged sw.
S69/11 - Limit sw.,top open/stored
S69/12 - Rotary latch switch, trunk lock
S76/5 - ASR off switch
S84 - Retractable hardtop switch
S87/9 - Left front door lock switch
S88/2 - Trunk lid lock switch

S97/1 - Steering lock switch
T1/1 - Ignition coil (cyl. 1+4)

T1/2 - Ignition coil (cyl. 2+3)

W3/3 - Ground, r/f wheel housing

W6 - Ground, left wheel housing, trunk

W7 - Ground, right wheel housing, trunk

W11/1 - Ground (engine ground strap)

W12 - Ground, center console
W15/1 - Ground, right footwell

W16 - Ground, component compartment
W16/1 - Ground, right front spring tower
W26 - Ground, SRS Control Module

W29/2 - Ground, right 'A' pillar

W35 - Ground, (L/F spring tower)

X4 - Terminal block

X4/18 - Terminal block, circ. 15R

X6/3 - Terminal block, circ. 58d, trans. tunnel

X8/4 - Trunk lid separation point (4-pole)

X11/22 - Diag. module scan tool conn.

X11/4 - Data link connector (DTC readout)

X11/15 - Intermediate connector

X12/1 - Termminal block

X18 - Interior/taillamp harness conn.

X18/2 - Taillamp harness intermediate conn.
X19 - Rear window defroster connector
X18/21 - Taillamp harness connector

X21 - Stop lamp switch conn.

X22/15 - Traction systems conn.

X23/7 - Top connector (contact sw.)

X26 - Interior/engine connector

X26/25 - Engine/chassis conn.

X26/31 - Engine/engine compartment conn.

X28/12 - Passenger AB intermediate conn.

X42 - ATA connector

X55/3 - L/F ESA conn. block

X55/4 - R/F ESA conn. block

X62/1 - Sensor Connector, left rear axle VSS/brake pad wear

X62/2 - Sensor Connector, r/r axle VSS/brake pad wear

X62/6 - R/F axle VSS conn.

X62/7 - VSS connector, L/F axle

X62/19 - Terminal block l/f VSS

X62/23 - ASR VSS sensor conn.

X64/7 - Aux. fan connector

Y2/1 - Magnetic supercharger clutch
Y2/1x - Magnetic supercharger clutch connector
Y3/6x - Connector, Valve unit (ETC)

Y13 - Fresh/recirc. air flap s/over valve
Y21 - Duovalve
Y32 - AIr pump switchover valve
Y49 - Adjuctable camshaft timing solenoid
Y58/1 - Purge control valve
Y58/4 - Charcoal Cannister shut-off valve
Y62y1 - Injector (cyl. 1)

Y66/1 - R/P lock solenoid
Z3/1 - Circ. 15 conn. sleeve
Z3/11 - Circuit 15 conn. sleeve

Z13 - Connector sleeve 5

Z3/31 - Circ. 15R conn. sleeve - fused,sidebag

Z37/2 - CAN-engine-bus (L) solder splice
Z37/3 - CAN-engine-bus (H) solder splice
Z6/3 - LH-SFI sensor ground conn. sleeve
Z6/17 - Power window ground connector sleeve
Z7/1 - Circuit 30 conn. sleeve
Z7/5 - Circuit 87 conn sleeve
Z28/7 - R/F door speaker group conn. sleeve

Z28/8 - LF door speaker group conn. sleeve

Z28/18 - Sound systemm/antenna conn. sleeve

Z30/1 - Left blinker conn. sleeve

Z30/2 - Right blinker conn. sleeve

Z81 - Circuit 58 conn. sleeve
Z89/3 - Circuit 30 connector sleeve
Z99/1 - Circ. 87 conn. sleeve

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